SAP Enterprise Mobility

SAP Enterprise Mobility

With increasing proliferation of Mobile devises and more and more organizations embracing the Bring your own device (BYOD) policy – Enterprise mobility is steadily becoming a very important tool for addressing business needs and challenges. Linchpin empowers your organization to leverage enterprise mobility to the fullest.

We have a dedicated team of mobile experts who can help you – define your enterprise mobile strategy, designing and developing mobile apps, deploying of ready made mobile solutions for Fraud management, HR, Sales etc. Our mobility team has an extensive experience in SAP and non SAP mobile solutions across variety of domains – Android, iOS, Blackberry, SAPUI5 etc.

Some of the services which Linchpin can provide you as your mobile solution partner are:

  • Custom mobile App development: We have built many SAP and non SAP mobile business apps.
  • SAP Fiori Apps – Our consultants have been a part of the team that built the SAP Fiori apps. We can help you installs and configures SAP Fiori Apps.

Also, we can develop end to end Fiori like apps for your organization as per your requirement. We have the complete expertise for building such apps, that is SAP back end, SAP Gateway and SAP UI5. Remedyne Fraud Protection APP

REMEDYNE Fraud Detection and Case Management Software for SAP
Remedyne Fraud Protection APP Linchpin partnered with Remedyne and build SAP UI5 application to be used on desktop and mobile devices for Remedyne Fraud Detection. The solution has been certified by SAP and hosted on SAP store. More detail are available
at: REMEDYNE Fraud Prevention – Key Facts Transaction monitoring of business processes and continuous audit checks to prevent…
Financial App
Gateway_shopping_cart_SAP Project Overview The project aims for development of an iPad/ iPhone app that will use data from SAP CRM system to provide its users an understanding of the Customer’s decision-making process, overcome common objections, and satisfy Customer’s preference for alignment of costs with benefits. Once synced the data will also be available in offline mode…
CRP Pharma App
financial app Project Overview The project aimed for development of an iPad/iPhone App that provides the Direct to Pharmacy functionality. The user of the app can sync with the SAP CRM system in online mode and can easy punch sales orders for various products. This app provides information regarding the Sales order history, Campaigns, available Product catalogues…
Shopping Cart Overview, Approval and Rejection
Project Overview The project aims at building apps (for iPad/ iPhone and also for Desktop) which will provide an approver with a list of the entire shopping cart that are available for the user’s approval/ rejection. The user can further see more details for the cart like any attachments with the cart; details of the…
Pricelist App
Project Overview Mobile Pricing app allows the user to see product price, from the ERP system in iPad/ iPhone devices The application is started on the iPad or iPhone User can get a list of “Products” and display the catalogue details User can use the Search to find other Products but product name or number.…

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