Enterprise App Development Trends in 2016

Enterprise App Development Company 2016

A change in processes and methods takes place as technology evolves. And this leads to a change in mobile application development methods as well. The practices used earlier no longer fit the modern day business and if we consider the importance of application development in the business world, only those who are in sync with the technological advancements will have an advantage over others.

Let's see the 5 most important trends in 2016?


As seen in the last few years, one thing is for sure that cybercrimes are on a rise. The level at which cyberattacks takes place is beyond our imagination. This brings our attention to mobile applications which are vulnerable and require attention.

According to recent research, almost 86% application which were recently tested showed issues with confidentiality, authentication and access control. The biggest application development trend to be seen in 2016 is a push towards security.

Increase in Hybrid apps adoption:

The increase in mobile phones and devices over the past few years have resulted in business employees and consumers expecting enterprise web applications to be accessed on their phones. The predictions are that by 2017, the demand for enterprise application development will exceed the supply by 5 times.

These days users expect any web application to be accessed on mobile devices as well. This leads to an increase in demand for hybrid apps.
Hybrid apps is a more obvious choice because of reduced costs and better performance. Along with this, the need of people to combine web applications with mobile phones will leave businesses with no other option but hybrid apps.

Citizen development:

The gap between the IT departments and business units has been never ending. The business units request for a solution and the IT department already loaded with work asks them to wait. They eventually get tired of waiting and started going for readily available cloud solutions in the market. This problem is known as “Shadow IT”

Such problems need faster IT solutions, Citizen Development will rise high this year and take over. A citizen developer is a user who creates an application which can be used by others as well.

Rise of more powerful web applications:

The web applications based on the client – server model, which had been a growing trend in the past, saw most of the work being done on the server and then sent to the client. The client side development was an in thing earlier but the trend is changing now. This means that these days people are looking for a more responsive and stronger web application that is able to compete with native mobile apps. This means that bulk applications must be put in browser rather than server.

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