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What’s New Happening With Enterprise App Development Company

Mobile apps have become a priority across all business sectors as companies are looking for expanding their services to everyone who is using smartphones and tablets. The vendors in particular are targeting enterprise users, we see that more than half of the total apps in the market are for private enterprise stores and 88% are claiming that user experience is just as important for enterprise apps as with consumer ones.

Mobile app development companies aiming at consumer, business and enterprise environments are strong. In total, 46 percent of organizations are building or plan to build two or more business-to-enterprise applications in the next six months, and 52 percent plan to build two or more business-to-business applications, showing there is interest in creating applications specifically for enterprise users.

What is an enterprise app? Is there any difference between consumer apps and enterprise apps.

What are the interests of developers?

Another challenge that the companies face is related to the mobile landscape. More than 6 in 10 companies support three or more operating systems and the a major obstacle in app delivery is building for multiple device and platforms.

The developers focus more on, iPhone and iPad and 80% developers say they are interested in building apps for them while 71% like building apps for android and 59% for android tablets.

How can companies support more development?

Developers believe that a number of planned investments will help them support enterprise mobile app development. With dedicated development platforms and an enterprise app store, the most common request made to an enterprise app development company was for them to open up more mobile specific APIs.

The investment priority lies in more automated testing tools. This makes more sense given the security demand of mobile applications as platforms grow more complex. Using tools like static analysis software to test mobile applications will give the developers the edge they need to compete and make their applications ready for the demand created by enterprise environment.

Mobile application development is important for organisations looking for better connectivity with customers, employers and partners. This is a good source of maximising existing resources and systems. The problem now is, the demand for talented mobile app developers has gone up majorly, while for a mobile strategy to be truly effective, organisations need to change their approach towards strategy and come up with something new.

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