We are excited to launch a software that has made professional events more impactful.

Business Need

Event planning can be stressful. While going through endless checklist and last minute updates/ changes. Last minute changes create chaos and the attendees are uninformed about the same.

Event management is not just about creating an event. It is about setting a target audience, devising the concept of the event and much more. Lack of knowledge about the event can prove to be harmful for the event in terms of less number of attendees.

Almost a decade back, when maintaining excel sheets, word doc and registers for details of the event was the only option, the management team was always struggling to compile lists and focus was not on point. This was the time when people used notepads for session notes. And sometimes locating the same notepad a month after the event was a huge task.

With the advancement in technology, the only thing you need to carry is your mobile device. For the benefit of the attendees, the app has a feature called the 'session notes' to take down the notes during an event.

From listing the speaker to spending push notifications, the app provides attendees with a great experience.


Synergeyes, is an event management app with the focus on medical events. The extensive use of mobile device has led us to a solution that will constantly remind you of the event as well as keep you up-to-date with the events happening in your area.

Key highlights

Stop worrying about keeping track of reports and papers when organizing an event with an app.

Cut out the clutter of keeping the session notes safe. You can now email the session notes. This lets you access your notes anytime anywhere.

Push notifications:

  • As a reminder to the people who are attending the event.
  • If an event has been scheduled, then prompting people to go through the event details.

The speakers at a particular event have been mentioned separately. This piece of information is very important to attract the right audience for the event.

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