Most people don't understand the difference between a need and a want. A need being something one cannot live without and a want is something you can do without but if given would make life simpler

My Period Tracker, is not a need, but a want which would make one's life simpler. And is making its way as a necessity in women's life.

Business Need:

An average woman will spends equal to 6 years or 2,190 days having her periods. Inspite of this, women have been forced to make it a secondary issue, posing a threat to their health.

Every time a woman visits a doctor, the first thing a doctor asks is when did you last have your periods. This is because a study conducted revealed that changes in the menstrual cycle is the first obvious symptom for health issues. Women with irregular cycles are prone to migraine, thyroid, diabetes, uterus problems & even cancer. They are unable to track, understand & sense menstrual symptoms which leads to multiple health issues.

Women have found out traditional ways of tracking their periods which might not be so accurate so as to determine the root cause.


It was in September 2014, when a real life situation motivated our team to take a plunge into the preventive women's healthcare space. We realized the need to finally open up on the most natural process, periods. Being aware of the right thing at the right time came out as the most important aspect of women's health

Key Highlights

Combining the power of science and mobility we started with the mobile app, My Period Tracker across all major platforms. Women across the globe searched for such a platform and got a million + downloads so far. Focus on preventive healthcare for women.

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