More data can lead to more better analysis. Better analysis in turn can help in better decision making, reduced risk and more efficiency. However, data in itself does not help much, it requires hardware and software platform to enable near real time analysis.

SAP HANA enables business users to instantaneously access and analyse data in real time. Linchpin offering for SAP HANA enables companies of all sizes to process enormous amount of data at great speeds and thereby provide accurate analysis on cloud and mobile devices.

Our team has also been involved in development of products related to SAP HANA for our customers who are SAP Partners. Some of these products are now also SAP certified and available in SAP store.

Linchpin’s team of HANA experts can help you in:

  •  Access to large amount of data without any impact on the existing systems. We can help you synchronize required data in near time and make this data available for analysis and look up.
  • Building of ODATA enabled apps using the data,which can be used across a variety of devices.
  • We can help you access the data regardless of the source system.

Please refer to our following client reference related to SAP HANA

Fi’xit – Check finance configuration in HANA
hana This application checks what the finance consultants missed during the configuration and also provides its solution. For this application we will load the finance configuration tables into HANA and then create a procedure to check whole configuration by scanning all configuration tables in a single process. After this we create web services to expose data…

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