Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing

Factors To Consider Before You Launch

Mobile marketing is not thought about while making an app. This starts after the app has been launched in the market. Instead the marketing strategy or planning should start at the very beginning of the app development. A number of steps need to be followed in the early stage of the app development like keywords, competition and content writing


Branding is equally important as your brand is what represents you. The name of your app and the icon should be taken into consideration while developing your app and designing your brand.


A keyword is a word that a user will search to understand what your app does. A keyword will help people find your app. It is important to have the keyword in the description.

Post-Launch Marketing

The first thing to do after the app is launched is to connect to an app store analytic program to view the progress of your app.


Encourage your users to review your app after download. Positive app store reviews will build in prospect users.

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